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Echo Park
Going To Sleep mp3 Home grown geetar
NinRemix9 mp3 NIN "The Hand That Feeds" Remix by Yours, Truely
Incredulla mp3 Mouth Music (Bjork Off)

Mid F'n City
Honesty mp3 It's a GOOD thing
Basic Shapes mp3 Triangle Snare, Kick Drum Square
BlowUp mp3 3229 Memory Lane
Vangelis mp3 Chariots of Firewall
TinselTown mp3 Sri Nisargadatta Yamaha PCM
Pss133 mp3 Motivational Therapy
Legacy mp3 Long Live The Waltons
Funky_J mp3 James Brown would (not) be proud
Addagio mp3 Take it downtempo with the Albinoni style
Gong mp3 I'll Be Back (With A Hydrogen Highway)
EndCredits mp3 Exit Music
DanielSan mp3 Goomba's Beware
Sunshine ogg On my shoulders

dou-ble-speak 16 Track Compilation, Fall 2003
Couch Surfer
Subconscious mp3 Listen while you sleep
FearPill mp3 Take two of these and call the ACLU in the morning
Tablar mp3 You get the idea
The 4th Dimension ogg This is a journey into time.
Blips mp3 A gentle caress
River mp3 Ghandi was here
Front mp3 There is a war on, you know
The Hills mp3 Of Hollywood
Edmonds mp3 My friend Chris Edmonds made this, and I just.. really like it.
2-17-03 mp3 another by Chris Edmonds

Jan_13_5beats mp3 It rained a lot that year
jan11 mp3 It was cold, too
feb10 mp3 The sun did come out (once)
Junglejungle mp3 Then we danced

. z y g o t i a . 6 Track EP w/Naomi Mercer, Fall 2001